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Our School

No matter which building Killeshin School occupied it has always been the corner stone of the community and has created an environment for learning which parents and pupils alike responded to. Generations of families have passed through the doors of Killeshin School, some of our current pupils great grandparents had their primary education in the first school built in 1821.

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While there is evidence of hedge schools operating in this area, The first formal National School in Killeshin was built in 1821. The school as you can see from the photograph above was a Gothic style two-storey stone building and stood at the bottom of the steps leading to the Church.

Although the school building was knocked in 1979 the Church of the Holy Cross (also seen in the picture) is still standing today.  The Church also built in 1821, still serves the needs of the Catholic Community of Killeshin. It was dedicated by the famous Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin, Dr. James Doyle, otherwise known as J.K.L.(John of Kildare & Leighlin). J.K.L. lived for a number of years at Old Derrig, Killeshin. The site on which Holy Cross Church was built is known as ‘Gallow’s Hill’. It is not known whether in fact there were hangings here or not, but the name survives. The small building to the right of the school was the Coach House, now long gone. Locals remember it being used to house the Priest’s horse when he came to say Mass at Holy Cross Church long ago

In 1948 a new two-roomed school (pictured above) was opened on the main road with Mr. Seán Ó Shea as Principal and Miss Noud as Assistant teacher. A third room was added in 1967 and three further rooms in 1981.


Over the years the school continued to expand as demand grew and in 2013 Killeshin N.S. moved into a new purpose built school. With 16 Classrooms, the school is one of the most technically modern schools in the locality and will provide our children with a good, balanced education into the future.

Front entrance to school
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