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New School Tracksuit FAQ's

Will pupils be allowed wear the new tracksuit every day if they wish?

No. The new tracksuit is for days where children have PE or other sports activities.

Will there be shorts available for the warmer weather?

Yes. We have requested a sample of what these will look like and will share an image when we receive it. Alternatively, children can wear plain grey shorts.

Is there an alternative tracksuit for boys and girls?

No. The images we have been sent were modelled on a male manequin and as such parents may feel they look quite masculine. When we have samples we can share images of two of our students wearing them.

Can students wear plain grey leggings instead?

No. Students can wear plain grey tracksuit bottoms if parents wish but leggings are not allowed.

Will the tracksuit be available in adult sizes?

Yes. The tracksuit will be available in adult sizes.

Can children still wear the older school tracksuit?

Yes. The new tracksuit will be phased in and there is no pressure to buy it for the 23/24 school year.

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