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School Holidays 2023 / 2024

School Re-Opens on Wednesday 30th August 2023


September: None


October: Monday 30th, Tuesday 31st October (Mid-Term)

November: Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd November (Mid-Term)

December: Monday 4th

                    Christmas Holidays begin on Friday 22nd December at 12 pm


January: School Re-opens Monday 8th January 2024

February: Monday 5th February

        Thursday 15th & Friday 16th February (Mid-Term) *


March: Monday 18th March.

        Easter Holidays begin on Friday 22nd March at 12 pm *


April: School Re-opens on Monday 8th April


May: Monday 6th May – Friday 10th May  


June: Monday 3rd June

           Summer Holidays begin on Friday 28th June at 12 noon.

* Please note that the February Mid-Term or the Easter Holidays may be shortened in the event of the school having to close due to severe weather.

School Holidays 2024/2025

School re-opens on Wednesday August 28th 2024

Junior Infants begin on Thursday August 29th 2024

September: None

October: Monday 28th, Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th, Thursday 31st (Mid-Term)

November: Friday 1st November (Mid-Term)

December: Monday 2nd December

                     Christmas Holidays begin on Friday 20th December @12 noon

January: School re-opens Monday 6th January 2025

February: Monday 3rd February

                   Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th, Wed.19th, Thursday 20th, Friday 21st (Mid-Term)

March: Monday 17th March

April: Easter Holidays begin on Friday 11th April @ 12 noon

           School re-opens on Monday 28th April

May: Monday 5th May

June: Monday 2nd June

           Summer Holidays begin on Thursday 26th June @ 12 noon

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