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FAQs - Return to School

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Can I take photos of my Junior Infant child at the school?

To ensure everyone gets in quickly and safely we would encourage parents to take photographs at home. However, our resident photographer John Bradley will be taking photos of each Junior Infant child when they are settled in their classroom. These photographs will then be sent home to parents.

What date are we returning to school?

Senior Infants - 6th Class are returning on Thursday 27th August.

Junior Infants will start on Monday 31st August

Do children in all classes need to have storage boxes?

Yes, all childern will need a 24L (approx) storage box, including Junior Infants. Please do not bring lids into school.

Can I help my child carry in their box and books on the first day?

Unfortunately parents are not allowed into the school because of Covid-19 restrictions. However, parents can drop the labelled boxes & books into the school before we reopen if they wish. The school will be open from 1-3 on Monday 24th. It will be open from 1-3 and

5-7 on Tuesday 25th. We ask that one adult come alone to do this. Parents should wear a mask and abide by social distancing guidelines. There is a one way system in place in the school and a staff member will be there to guide you. Please use the hand sanitizer at the entrance.

Do children have to wear their school uniform?

There is no reference in public health guidance to daily washing of school unofirms or any clothes. Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ronan Glynn has confirmed no such advice has been issued by health authorities. If parents wish children can alternate between their uniform and PE uniform to allow for washing but it is not required.

How will my child know where to go if I can't bring them to their classroom?

For the first while, as we adjust to this new system our Principal and 5 Special Education Teachers will be in the yard in the morning to guide the children and ensure everyone gets to where they should be safely. Please make sure your child knows what teacher they have.

Should any parents have queries that we have not addressed please email We will update the FAQs if we receive more questions.

Below are some images of the ways we are preparing to reopen safely

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