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First Aid Training for 4th & 5th

Killeshin Community First Responders are a huge asset to our community. Last year the children in 4th to 6th were lucky enough to receive First Aid training from them. We obviously didn’t scare them off as they’ve very kindly offered to come in again! Hopefully this will reinforce the lessons learned by our current 5th and 6th Class groups and introduce them to 4th Class.

They will discuss the importance of knowing your Eircode and the process of calling an ambulance as well as doing demonstrations of CPR and the recovery position. Tomorrow training will take place for both our 4th Classes and Ms Fitzpatrick’s 5th Class. Children will need to bring a large teddy or pillow on which they can practice CPR. Training for Mr Ball’s 5th Class and both 6th classes will take place at a later date. If parents/guardians wish we are accepting a €1 donation which we will give to Killeshin First Responders as a thank you for the incredible work they do.

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