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Internet Safety Talks for Pupils and Parents

Dear Parents & Guardians

Our guest speaker Ger Brick will be delivering a Anti-Cyberbullying / Internet Safety Workshop to pupils of 5th & 6th Class on the 19th and 20th of October.  A Parent Information webinar will be held via Zoom at 7:30 on the night of the 19th. At least one parent/guardian of all pupils in the school are asked to attend. During the webinar parents will be given the opportunity to ask questions.

Children’s Workshop Themes & Activities.

  • Communicating Respectfully Online

  • Popular Apps Discussion

  • Cyberbullying Rules

  • Cyberbullying & Online Safety Videos

  • Consequences & the Law

  • Keeping Safe Online

  • Your Personal Information / Privacy

  • Online Safety Guidelines

Parent Information Evening Agenda

The talk, incorporates video, guidelines, practical demonstrations and discussion, providing parents with practical non-technical information and guidance for keeping their children and families safe online. The agenda for the evening is as follows:


  • Cyberbullying Definition & Facts

  • Messages & behaviours to instil in your children

  • What to teach your children – Key Messages

  • What your children learned in class today

  • What your children are saying

  • Safety Tips & Personal Information

  • Children’s Behaviours Online

  • Get Smart or Be Outsmarted (by your kids)

  • Consequences & the Law

  • Let’s Talk App’s

  • Recognising signs of Cyberbullying

  • How you effectively monitor your kids online

  • How to Address a Cyberbullying situation

  • Parental Control Demonstration

  • Online Safety Guidelines plus video

  • Game Consoles. Phones , Tablets

Ger Brick has 20+ years’ experience working on the Internet and has facilitated workshops with over 90,000 primary school children throughout Ireland.

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