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Junior Entrepreneur Programme Showcase

Updated: Apr 17

Mr Ball’s 5th & 6th Class students have been working very hard on their project for the Junior Entrepreneur Programme over the last couple of months. They decided to create “Klip-Its". They sourced the materials themselves and the whole class has been involved in the production.

The class have divided into the following teams; Marketing, Sales, Finance, Design & Production and Communications. Each team has their own aspect to manage as they get a real life experience of entrepreneurship and running a business.

Tomorrow, Friday 29th the students will be showcasing their work in the hall. All the classes will get an opportunity to take a look. The 'Klip-Its' cost €2 each or €2.50 for a custom made one (names, football clubs, "BFF's" etc.) Previously the money raised was used to create our outdoor classroom, plant trees and buy benches for our school yard.

Former Netwatch CEO David Walsh is coming in next week to speak to Mr Ball's students about his experience as an entrepreneur and to check on their progress.

If the students have enought success selling their Klip-Its they will get to attend the JEP Showcase in the RDS before the end of the year.

We hope our staff and students will support them tomorrow as they have put a huge effort into this.

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