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Update from Principal & Survey Results

Sincere thanks to the many parents who responded to our survey regarding on-line school work on the school website and using Google Classroom.The responses to questions are below in graph form. As all replies were anonymous we cannot respond to specific comments. However the main issues raised were:

1. All of the comments were positive and constructive.Thank you all for your support.

2. Some parents raised the issue of the quantity/volume of work. We would stress that the work put up each week is a menu. It is not prescriptive and children do not have to do everything. We particularly understand that many parents are still working, have small children at home and other day to day concerns so school work should not be a cause of stress.

3. A few parents reported difficulty sending work to teachers or getting a reply. As teachers are replying to all messages, this is most probably a technical issue. If you are experiencing such a problem please email and I will try to sort it out for you.

4. Some parents replied that having the children's  school books would help. Under current restrictions it is not possible to organise a general collection of school books. If this is a particular problem for someone please email me at and I will see if we can sort a solution.

Obviously, there is no substitute for actual school so all of us, teachers, pupils and parents can only do our best until this terrible situation ends.

Take care and God Bless.

Conor Denieffe,


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